Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bedtime, Sweet Toddler. Bedtime - and I mean it!

Bedtime tonight:

After FIRST going potty - at least twice - and all but the first unsuccessful attempts, reading books, getting “new” water, saying prayers, rock-a-bye-ing, singing lullabies, giving hugs and kisses, giving more hugs and kisses, and tucking her BACK into bed AGAIN for the Ump. Teenth. Time...:

I tell Ayla "It is bedtime, and I mean it!" 
She asks in the sweetest, most sincere voice possible (which is so, totally possible that it tugs at every last heart string that hasn't yet strung) "are you patiens all gone?"

Yes, dear. Yes, they are...

So, Daddy gets home from a long day of work. Tucks her in and says, "I mean it!"

And she tells him "Mommy says ‘I mean it,’ too."

You got it, chick-a-dee! That's teamwork right there. 

Love that girl to stubborn, sleepy pieces. (And that daddy of hers, too, by the way.)

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