Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sleeping Just a Little Easier Tonight

Every now and then my son is a little bit afraid to go to sleep at night, just in case a robber would happen to break into our house. I should note that he uses "robber" as an all-encompassing term for someone, particularly a stranger, demonstrating any sort of potential criminal activity. As much as I'd like to claim I am the fearless hero we mothers appear to be in the eyes of our children, I'm not. I've had the hairs stand up on the back of my neck when I think I've heard a strange noise after watching a particularly unnerving episode of 48hours. But I can always manage to convince myself that I'm letting my imagination get away from me. After all, I'm in my own home. I'm safe here.

Imagine being afraid to sleep in your own home at night. Now imagine that it isn't the robbers, or the bad guys, or even strangers driving that fear; but rather the one person who should be your protector, your provider, or the love of your life. It's difficult to imagine when it isn't the life you live. But it's real. And it is not discerning. Domestic abuse affects communities both large and small, victims young and old.

I've had the rewarding opportunity to recently work with Children's Inn, an amazing organization in Sioux Falls, SD that offers shelter to women and children suffering domestic abuse. The organization never sleeps and the people that work there a nothing short of saint-worthy. Through this opportunity I've had the pleasure to be involved in the arrangement of a donation from Restonic Mattress Company and South Dakota Furniture Mart, replacing every single mattress within the entire shelther. That's 35 beds. That's 35 victims sleeping a little better, a little easier, at least for tonight.

Thank you South Dakota Furniture Mart. Thank you Restonic Mattress Company.

And thank you Children's Inn. You give 1 better life to each individual person that needs you every single day. Now that is 1 greater world!

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