Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pure. Simple. Joy.

I read an article not too long ago that stated something to the effect of this ...regardless of how much money a person makes, the average person feels he (or she) would be happier if he made 20% more. This same study also proved that, on average, if an individual were to make 20% more, by the end of the first year, his lifestyle choices fulfill that entire 20% increase in pay, to the point that the increase was completely ineffective to his financial standing, and his happiness level is completely unchanged.

Proof that money cannot buy happiness.

Happiness is priceless. It has also proven to have a positive effect on your overall health and how you handle stress, both of which have great potential to directly affect the natural longevity of your life.

So, think about this. What are some things that you enjoy? What are the good things in life? What truly makes you happy? Forget about the activities that simply occupy your mind or cause you to forget about your troubles for awhile. I'm talking about pure and simple joy. It's out there. It's attainable. And it doesn't cost a cent.

It's an attitude. A choice. A lifestyle. But it is one you have to make and take for yourself. It's so easy to get weighed down by the negative things that are bound to happen. That negativity is infectious and it won't take long before it seeps into every crevice of your life. Things that were once joyful become chores.

Finding pleasure in the little things is a virtue, and one worth striving for.

Shut your eyes and imagine the warm sun shining on your face, the smell of freshly mowed grass, a gentle breeze making the leaves rustle ever so slightly, and you are in no hurry to go anywhere. I can't help but let a smile touch my lips when I experience any one of these things. It's pure. It's simple. And it's certain to make people wonder just exactly what it is that you're smiling about.

(I must also add that, coincidently, that average person in the study mentioned above continues to strive for that next 20%, which is also a great indicator of motivation, but I digress, that is another post...)

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