Thursday, September 16, 2010

Inspiring Joy

I recently had the daunting task of interviewing for a new employee. I am not a fan of this responsibility of my job. I find it takes too much time away from my work day, when I already feel like I don't have enough time to complete all of the other responsibilities piled upon my desk. Additionally, because as every manager or business owner knows, it is expensive to hire new employees. You have the expenses incurred in advertising for applicants, the time spent to read resumes and interview, the learning curve once you find someone, and the list could go on and on... It is a big responsibility finding the right person for the right job.

Thankfully, my interviewing is over, the new employee is settled in, for the most part trained, and is carving her way through the learning curve of this industry and organization. Optimistically, I think she's going to do a fine job. And my fingers are crossed that I'm right.

Throughout this round of interviewing, I received a few thank you cards in the mail. There was one in particular that I thought was beautiful - so much so, that I actually took the time to visit the creator's website as noted on the back of the card, through which I stumbled upon this site:

I watched the "video of the day" and found it so inspiring, I just had to share...
Here is the direct video link.


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